UK49s Teatime Results Wednesday 1 June 2022

Today, we will announce  Lunchtime Results Wednesday 1 June 2022. The lunchtime results are available as well. All results will be updated as soon as possible. Be on time to increase your chances of winning. Every day at 12:49 PM UK time (lunchtime) the draws are held.

What are the Lunchtime Results

Lunchtime results of the 49s UK lottery are broadcast every day. It takes place every day of the week from Monday to Sunday at 12:49 o’clock.

Lunchtime Results 2022

The latest 49s Lunchtime results are updated daily at 12:50 p.m. The next day’s results appear on top of the previous day’s results. We do not remove previous days’ results from our results pages. On our website, you can view all the lunchtime results for 2022.

UK49s Teatime Result Today: 


1-13-20-37-42-43 Booster 21


What are Lunchtime Numbers?

Numbers 1 to 49 are used in the draws. They are called lunchtime results numbers. Teatime numbers are also used in teatime draws, so they are also called teatime numbers. If you want to increase your chances of winning, you need to choose the right combination of these numbers.

What is the Right Combination of UK Lunchtime Results

Don’t think about your luck, don’t rely on a number generator. Here is one trick I use to play. Focusing on your own game is the key to winning the UK 49s lunchtime draws. Make the right combination of the numbers that other people overlook.

Lunchtime Cold Ball Numbers

As above we have described that uk49s results totally depend on the numbers and figures. But some of the number that is most repeated in lunchtime results and a few numbers that are repeated time in uk49s results. The numbers that are drawn a few times in lunchtime result history, these balls are called cold ball numbers. Mostly, lottery players avoid playing on the bias of these cold numbers; you can see these ball numbers on our website. We update these hot and cold ball numbers on a daily basis.

UK49’s Lunchtime Prizes and Odds

Prize Division Approximate Odds

(6-Number Draw)


(R10 Wager)

Approximate Odds

(7-Number Draw)

Return (R10 Wager)
Pick 5 150,000/1 R1,500,000 50,000/1 R500,000
Pick 4 8,000/1 R80,000 4,500/1 R45,000
Pick 3 650/1 R6,500 328/1 R3,280
Pick 2 66/1 R660 45/1 R450

Lunchtime Hot & Cold Balls of Recent History

Meanwhile, the hot balls for the past four weeks are 19, 39, and 41 – which have been drawn 14, 13, and 15 times, respectively. On the other hand, the cold balls for the past month are 16, 32, and 43 – which have been drawn 4, 4, and 3 times, respectively.

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